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Family of Hans SEELIG - Last known at Brandeis around 1960

All the spellings in this notice must be taken phonetically, and not as being accurate. They can vary as in SELIG, SELLIG or SEHLIG or even ZELIG.

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We were trying to find any family of Hans SEELIG but have relatively little information.

The family left Germany in the early 1930's, moving from Heidelberg (or it may have been Munich ) to the USA as refugees from the Nazi Regime. They settled somewhere around the Boston area.

Hans SEELIG was at Brandeis University in 1959 - 1960. We do not know whether he was a student there, or there in some other capacity.

We know of two students who had befriended him

One of these was Ruth BARLOW aged 18 or 19 in 1960 and at Brandeis university on a scholarship from England.

It seems that Hans SEELIG was born around 1935 (his age is guessed at 23 - 28 in 1959).We do not know whether he was born in Germany or the USA. He may have been a Harvard graduate in English. We do not know whether Hans was a bona fide student or not, and could not find his name in a Brandeis year book for 1959.

One person who remembers him described him as "huskily built, good-looking".

in 1959 he was working for the Ralph Norman Photographic Agency , the photographers for Brandeis University. He was taking photos of new students.

We believe that Hans's father had been a law professor at Heidelberg or Munich University

We believe that Hans SEELIG's parents became bankers or bakers on their arrival in America


(on the left) aged about 20 with her youngest sister on the right.


who is searching for Hans SEELLIG,

in 1984 aged 24


who is searching for Hans SEELLIG,

in 1989 aged 29


who is searching for Hans SEELLIG,

in 2003 aged 42

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