Gertrude SIEGLER von Eberswald from Vienna

We are NO LONGER searching for the legal heirs of

Gertrude SIEGLER (also: Siegler von Eberswald), born as Gertrude HONIG on January 7, 1907 in Vienna, Austria, the daughter of


Valerie HONIG-ROEREN was born on March 15, 1885 in Lundeburg. On October 5, 1942 she was deported from Vienna to Minsk and killed

Gertrude SIEGLER fled to England after 1938 and lived in London (at least until 1962) at White Lodge Cottage, Sheen Common, London SW14. Later (approx. 1965) she moved to Granada, Spain, and died there on July 7, 1987.

Gertrude SIEGLER had no children and was divorced from Heinrich Siegler von Eberswald.

At the time of her death her address in Spain was: Apartado 192 Almunecar, Granada, Spain.

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