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ARE NO LONGER searching for the family of Elisabeth SNIEGONOVA (SNIEGON, ŚNIEGOń) 

Elisabeth SNIEGON = Alzbeta Evelin ŚNIEGOń was born 23 March 1932.
She lived in Jablunkov, Czechoslovakia, Hasicska 165. Her father was Jan ŚNIEGOń, born 5 December 1894

        Her mother was Alice Fränkelova
        Brother Jan Śniegoń.

Both brother and father had record in the registry of STB (the police organization during Communismus era in Czechoslovakia, otherwise known as the „State Security“). This could mean that they were opponents of the regime and laso that they may have left Czechoslovakia.

We believe, but do not know, that Alice had a sister Wilhelmina HUWAR who died in March 1936

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