We are NO LONGER searching for Arnost STADLER, born 9 Dec 1898, a son of Albert and Hedvika STADLER.
in November 1920 he and Elsa STADLER lived as tenants in thhe house of Rosa Dubova, later on moved to Karlova Str in Prague.

He worked as a lawyer in Prague where he had lived since 7 July 1930. It appears that he worked for a company called Petzold.

On 7 Jul 1930
Arnost STADLER married Elsa nee MICHLOVA born 29 Mar 1904 in Schönbach.

They had two children

Eva Maria STADLER born 20 March 1931 in Prague and

Edith Johanna STADLER born 8 November 1933


We believe the family left Czechoslovakia on 16 June 1939.


in 1952 Arnost Stadler lived in 135 Broadway New York, N.Y.

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