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heirs of Helena STEIN nee WEISS

We were searching for the legal heirs of Helena STEIN nee WEISS - they have a right to claim a property in Prague which was stolen from the family by the 1940 Nazi Regime in Czechoslovakia.

Helena presumably before 1939
we guess around 1943
Helena STEIN (on the left) and Melanie STIASSNY (On the right).
Melanie was the mother of Helena's second husband Frederic whom she married whilst interned in Tereseinstadt. Friedrich did not return. Helena lived with Melanie until she passed away in 1960.
This photo was taken at her home in Geneva, we assume sometime in the 1950's.

Helena STEIN(OVA), nee WEISS(OVA) was born in Vienna (Wien), Austria, on 11 March 1906. She was Jewish.

Her parents were Osvald WEISS and Irma WEISS(OVA).

Helena was the wife of Dr. Hanus STEIN, who died on December 7, 1941. Last place of residence was in Prague 6, Rychtarska 1, Czechoslovakia. Hanus STEIN was a factory Director

We have 1963 information which shows that Helena lived in Geneva, Switzerland at least during the period from 1948 to 1963

Hanus STEIN was the son of Artur STEIN and Adela STEIN(OVA).

Artur STEIN was born on October 24, 1876 in Strakonice, Czechoslovakia, and died on 29 Jan 1940, probably in Prague. His wife Adela, nee JOSS, died 10 Dec 1941 in the Jewish hospital in Prague.

Hanus STEIN had brother Walter STEIN who died in 1934 and a sister Blanka Marie STEIN nee BRUKNER(OVA).

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