COMPLETED search: Relatives of Osvald STEIN.

We are NO LONGER searching for any information available on the life and fate of Osvald STEIN, a former citizen of Czechoslovakia.



Osvald STEIN, born 3 Sept 1883 in Prague, was married to Henriette (Jindriska) nee GLASER, born 3 June 1887.
His parents were Regina and Adolf STEIN.

He had two children: Walter STEIN, born 4 Dec 1912, and Eva STEIN, born 19 March 1920.

On 12 December 1945 he lived in Great Britain, at No. 49 Wynnstay Gardens, London, W.8
He was Jewish.

Osvald STEIN was appointed in London in 1941 as an Advisor to the Ministry for Economic Recuperation. Part of his activities was to procure medicaments and chemicals needed for Czech Republic through the  UNRRA organisation . He was also an advisor to the Ministry for Agriculture, Ministry of Business, Ministry of Industry as well as Ministry of Social Care. [These terms are translated from the Czech, may not be the accurate title of the UK Government Ministries at the time]. During the war he worked for the Fire Service in Watford.

Osvald STEIN had to leave Czechoslovakia after Munich. He had owned a factory in Usti nad Labem (Aussig) and the Germen took it from him. Many of the STEIIN family members had died in the Auschwitz concentration camp.  He had been a member of  the Czechoslovak Red Cross and the Czech Economic Council. Prior to his departure from Prague he was a director of a pharmaceutical factory Norgine. He had worked in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and escaped Czechoslovakia in December 1938.

The Germen searched for Walter STEIN in Paris and in Spain so that he too had to escape before the Gestapo found him.  Walter STEIN wanted to serve in the Czechoslovak Army abroad but was not accepted into the service.

Eva STEIN worked as a clerk for the Ministry of Social Care in London for 4 1/2 years.  

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