We are searching for Otto STEIN last known in 1948 at 210 Gloucester Terrace, London W.2. If he is no longer alive, we wanted to find his heirs. Sadly, those who would have liked to find his descendants have now all died.

Otto STEIN was born in Prague on 29 May 1902, the son of Karl and Regina (nee Baimschova or Vališová )

Vlasta Roz Manzelka REIMANN was born on 18 Jan 1906 in Liten district Beroun, daughter of Emanuel (b. 12 Jan 1881, d. 17 Oct 1942 in Lodz) and Elenore Laura nee KLEPETAR FISL (born in Radotin, Smichov). Vlasta was murdered in the Holocaust having been transported to Terezin and then to Treblinka.








Vlasta STEINOVA nee REIMANN was declared dead by a court in 1947.

It appears that he had managed to flee to England and returned to Czechoslovakia after the war. We believe that he had been recruited in London by the USA Army to work as a censor or interpreter with US Officer ranking in the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD)

Otto STEIN was the person who had made the application on 19th Apr. 1948 before the district court in Prague which declared the family of Rudolf and Valentina KLEPETAR of Radotin near Prague as presumed killed in the holocaust.

Joseph KLEPETAR , their son, had married Dorit KAEMPF from Ostrava in a double-wedding in Prague on 30th Oct. 1941 with Dr. Leo HONIGWACHS who married Traute KAEMPF, or KÄMPF the elder sister of Dorit.

Leo and Traute were transported to Theresienstadt in Dec. 1941 shortly after the wedding.

Joseph and Dorit were transported with the Heydrich Straffentransport AAh on 10th June, 1942 on the 10th June 1942 to Maidanek and Ujazdov and killed.

Otto STEIN was presumably a relative of the KLEPETAR family, hence he took the trouble of having them declared legally as deceased.

Do you recognize the name of Otto STEIN? Have you any idea what happened to him or do you know of his descendants?

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

Please e-mail me at searchandunite [at]

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