Rudolf & Josefa STERN

We NO LONGER seek Rudolf born 3 Apr.1881 & Josefa STERN nee BINCER(ova) born 17 Feb.1893, or if they are no longer alive, we need to identify their heirs

They had one son Karel STERN. He was born  5 Jan 1918 in Opava. During the years 1928-1936 he studied at German High School in Moravska Ostrava. In 1936 he graduated.   I cannot tell whether Karel or Josefa reached Palestine with Rudolf.

in 1933 they lived in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia

Rudolf STERN was a bank Directot in Moravska Ostrava, Czechoslovakia of the Union Bank in Ostrava or the CNB -Czech National Bank (if indeed they are different from ech other)

In 1954 Rudolf's address was "Haifa - Ahuza, House Aboutboul 17".

We have learned during the course of the search that

Rudolf STERN was born in 1880 in Czechoslovakia son of Schmuel and Fanny . He died in Haifa (Ahuza) on 15 May 1955  His Identity Card number was 006781801
He is buried in the Chof Hacarmel cemetery, Haifa

Rudolf had siblings:

1/  Alfred STERN born 6 March 1880 died. Was on Tr
ansport Az 25 May 1942 to Lublin
     Alfred's wife was Marie  maiden name ZEINER(ova) born 12.3.1882 died. Was on Tr
ansport Az 25 May 1942 to Lublin
     Alfred's son -Viktor- *3.6.1909 + 1942                                                  

2/  Hermina  STERN born 17 Jul.1883
3/ Josef STERN born 21 Feb.1885 died. Was on Transport By26. 10. 1942 1942 to Osvetim - Auschwitz
4/ Ota(o)kar STERN born 16 Sep.1886
5/ Frantiska STERN born 11 Mar.1890 and married LOEWY
she died on Transport As 30. 4. 1942 – Zamosc Terezin
      on same transport – relationship uncertain:
      Loewy Arnost        born 18    8  1896

      Loewy Eduard       born 19    3  1928

      Loewy Jiri              born   1    6  1922

      Loewy Pavel          born 18.   3. 1926

      Loewy Salomon     born  27 12 1888 

      Loewyova Ruzena born 12    8.1903                 


Do you recognize any of these names or facts?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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