Current Search : Nasha JERUZALSKI [TELMAN] or TALMAN  

We are searching for the family or legal heirs of Nasha (Necha) Nitti JERUZALSKI, maiden name TELMAN or TALMAN  (THALMANN)

She was known by her nickname Nitti

She lived and died in France probably arounf 1985 - 1990 and had used a French passport number 91-03920

It is primarily the TALMAN  family that we need to locate. They originated in Poland before Worlsd War 2

The reason is that Nitti JEROZALSKI had outlived her husmband. They had no children, and it is therefore the closer relatived on the TALMAN side who would be eligible to receive this inheritanve

The family tree we know at this stage is as follows:

                                               1. JEROZALSKI
                                               sp: UNKNOWN
                                                              |-2. Herschel JEROZALSKI
                                                              | sp: Nasha Nacha Necha Nitti TALMAN
                                                              |-2. Henoch JEROZALSKI
                                                              sp: Louba
                                                                                |-3. Yehuda JEROZALSKI
                                                                                |-3. Robert JEROZALSKI

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

Please e-mail me at searchandunitem [AT] lewinsdlondon [DOT] org [DOT] uk

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