COMPLETED Search : Members of the TEUFEL family from Dresden


We are NO LONGER searching for the following persons in our effort to complete the memorial book Jews in Dresden 1933 - 1945: 

Erika TEUFEL, born November 2nd 1921 in Dresden
Daughter of  Eliese  (maiden name FALK) and Isidor TEUFEL, who lived in
Chemnitz until 1912.

 Erika TEUFEL is the twin sister of Ingeborg TEUFEL, who was killed in
Auschwitz together with her son Hans-Joachim TEUFEL.

She is also the sister of Sophie WECHSLER, born February 28th 1914 in Dresden. 

Sophie was killed in Auschwitz together with her husband
Adolf WECHSLER and the son Hans-Joachim WECHSLER (born march 18th  1941)

Sophie had two other children.

Adelheid TEUFEL,  born july 20th 1932 in Dresden

Beate Rita TEUFEL, born June 16th 1939 in Dresden.
Beate Rita TEUFEL  was also killed in Auschwitz.

We are searching for Adelheid TEUFEL, daughter of Sophie Wechsler born July
20th 1932 in Dresden. She was not deported with her mother.

Ingeborg, Erika and Sophie presumably had another brother

Max TEUFEL, born september 5th  1912 in Chemnitz.

He may have been married to Herta WINKLER

We are also looking for the children:                 

Wolfgang TEUFEL, born February 9th  1935 in Dresden
Eva TEUFEL, born April 5th 1936 in Dresden and
Marianne TEUFEL, born may 7th 1937 in Dresden
They presumably survived the Shoa.

A family member of Isidor TEUFEL  could be Sigmund Georg TEUFEL, who was
married to Brunhilde Hedwig Gertraud (maiden name HEYNE ).
The couple had 3 children for whom we are also searching:

Moritz Siegmund TEUFEL (married), born december 17th  1929 in Dresden
Margarethe Ruth TEUFEL, born April 25th  1931 in Dresden (married name unknown) and
Bernhard TEUFEL, born march 11th  1935 in Dresden
They presumably survived the Shoa.

In the Dresden records there is a "married" commentary appended to the names of Moritz Siegmund and to that of Margarethe Ruth.
The name of the town Ville de Metz is also noted. Presumably it was from there that a request had arrived at some time for a birth
certificate, but we do not know to whom this refers.

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uky

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