TYKAC Family


We are no longer searching for Alex TYKAC, born 20 Sep 1925, and his brother Jan TYKAC, born 13 Jan 1934.

They are the children of Emilie TYKACOVA nee NARCIZSIEVICZOVA born on 26 July 1901, in Stanislawow, Poland
                                                     and Jan TYKAC, an engineer and Company Director.

Jan and Emilie travelled a lot, it is known that they were in the following countries:
26 Sep 1927 Romania
14 May 1929 Romania
12 Jul 1932 Usak - Turkey
18 May 1933 Asia
17 Mar 1937 Keraj - Iran
  6 May 1937 Emilie with Jan in Teheran, Persia (Iran)

It is believed that they were also Tehran on 10 January 1941


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