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We were seeking the children of

Bohumil VOSPALEK and his wife Anna VOSPALKOVA , nee BRADOVA (BRADA)

Dagmar VOSPALKOVA , born 10 May 1927 in Prague.
She applied for passport to Switzerland - for the purpose of studies of French in the Lausanne university, she filed the application on 15 VII 1946 and it was approved. She was allowed to travel via Austria, Germany and France to Switzerland. It appears that she returned to Czechoslovakia and married Libor LHOTA , born 9 June 1926 in Pilsen,on 20 Oct 1949. Her name then changed to Dagmar LHOTOVA .

Bojan VOSPALEK , born 10 April 1921 in Prague.
He worked as pharmacist. He asked for passport and his application was approved. His destiny the USA, the purpose of the application was specialization in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Illinios, Dpt. of Radioactivity.

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