we are NO LOGER searching for heirs of Karel WEINZETTEL Ė as it is likely that he is no longer alive.

Please note that the spelling of the family name may vary.
It can be WEINZETTEL, WEINZETTL or WEINZETTLE. There may be other variations.

Karel was born on 29 May 1904. At some time he emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Brazil.

His wife Clarisa de Castro Manso (probably a Brazilian) was born 6 May 1914.

Karelís mother Blanka nee STEHLIK(OVA) WEINZETTEL was born 19 December 1879. Her ID number was 796219/955.

Karelís father was Vaclav WEINZETTEL, an architect born 3 Jan 1862 and worked as the director of an Industrial Sculpture School in Horice (Czech Republic). Aparantly he was an architect of the synagogue in Hradec Kralove (built in 1904-5). He also designed the memorials to battle near Kolin (1857) and Jicin (1866) in 1898 and in 1906, resp. The source of information on Vaclav Weinzettl as an architect is a guide book: Jiri Fiedler, "Jewish Sights of Bohemia and Moravia" (Prague, 1991), p. 80. Actually, his name is given there as V.Weinzettl, and it is a guess that it is the same person. He used certain particular design pattern in the Hradec Kralove synagogue. This pattern was proposed for the first time in a professional Polish magazine in 1896, and later used in Tel Aviv at the Herzlyia Gymnasium after 1910.  It was not necessarly Weinzettl who used that idea in Tel Aviv; maybe somebody merely read the same Polish article from 1896....

We think that Karel was an only child.

This family has a right to reclaim a property in Prague

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